My name is Keesha Baker, and I am THE Tax Professional. I have been in this industry for over 15 years. Yes, I have earned over 7 figures. Most of all, I enjoy helping others earn more money than they thought possible!

I've always been a numbers geek. So, I have been doing taxes since my first month as an IRS agent. However, my vision was FORCED to expand when the Lord blessed me with my autistic son. I hated feeling guilty every time I had to leave work to take care of my son. Doesn't that just sound backwards to you?

 I'll never forget it, one morning I was sitting in my bed sick, and I had to call in to work, because I could barely move. As I was sitting in bed, I processed about 6 returns. Once I did the math, I realized, I had just made $4,000 without leaving my bed! No boss to report to, no body to get me sick, just me and my bed.

I Quit the next day lol. Now, I have traveled the world, and I have literally seen it all. Yet none of that compares to the fact that my children have seen it too. Being able to take my children to Europe, 1st class in everything we did, was a dream come true for me.

 I created this platform to give other the opportunity to create a legacy for their family. I want everyone to have the chance to live out their dreams with the ones they love.

I am here because someone showed me the way, and now I am ready to pay it forward. Are you ready?